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Sheep Milk Tootsie Balm for Dogs

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We love this tootsie balm because its not just for tootsies! We use it on pups whose noses are raw from the summer heat or the winter cold, have foot pad issues or scrapes and bumps, and on hot spots. Some dogs can’t tolerate mint which is found in other balms we have tried, so this has become our new go to product! Best thing about it – at only $6.00 , it’s a pleaser for your wallet and your pup! Our new Tootsie balm for dogs will protect their paws in any season. Your fur kid can now safely walk on icy, snowy, salted or even hot sidewalks, as well as sandy beaches. 

Key Benefits

* All natural 100% pure yellow beeswax with calendula essential oil blend infused with Vitamin E oil.

* Helps heal cracked pads

* Protects against icy or hot surfaces

* Safe, non-toxic formulation

Ingredients:Olive Oil, Coconut Oil 100% pure yellow beeswax, Calendula essential oil blend,Sheep Milk Yogurt.

Net weight: 1 oz