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Glacier Peak Gold For Itchy Dog Skin caused by Yeast growth

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Does your dog suffer from hot spots, icky smelly ears, digestive issues, horrible skin? It could be suffering from yeast overgrowth. Glacier Peak Gold is a concentrated blend of 100% organic herbs in a tincture form. This enables the beneficial essences of the herbs to be quickly absorbed into the system. Glacier Peak uses herbs that have been used traditionally for the elimination of fungus and virus. It has been shown to help eliminate toxic overload caused by food and environmental stressors. We also add herbs that have been shown to rebuild a stressed immune system, which is the core of all illness. Without a strong immune system, the body does not have the ability to fend off disease from our toxic world. This formula also contains Slippery elm to help soothe stressed tissues.

Recommended Usage: (30 day cycle) Maximum dosage is 15 drops up to 3 times per day.
Give up to 3 times per day for 10 days then discontinue use for 10 days. Resume giving 2 times per day for 10 more days to prevent relapse. Can be given mixed in pet's food or dropped directly in their mouth. Do not add drops to the drinking water.

If you are concerned about the pure grain alcohol base, it is easily dissipated by putting the individual dosage amount in a small, heat resistant bowl and adding a tablespoon of boiling water. All the alcohol will dissipate in seconds and you can then pour the water/tincture mixture over the food and mix.

Dogs and Cats:
Up to 3 pounds: 2 drops- up to 3 times per day
4-10 pounds: 5 drops - up to 3 times per day
11-20 pounds: 10 drops - up to 3 times per day
Over 21 pound maximum dosage: 15 drops- up to 3 times per day

As always we do not take the place of veterinary care so please consult your holistic vet if you have questions.

What We Like: its a great salvation for dogs suffering the effects of yeast - often caused by the foods they eat. 

What We Don't Like: its a little expensive but its much cheaper than those prescriptions, you don't have to see a vet and it really works. Start out slowly and build up.  You will see the difference - but don't forget you need to switch food as well avoiding chicken, sweet potato, legumes, chic peas, peas.