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NuPro Lyfe Spyce For Dogs 1lbs.

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NUPRO LYFE SPYCE is a proprietary all natural plant-based nutaceutical supplement developed for dogs whose quality of life may be compromised by debilitating health issues so common today. Used daily it works to continually strengthen your dog's natural defenses, both by supporting a strong immune system and by promoting healthy levels of Apoptosis, while also helping to ease the side effects associated with traditional veterinary protocols and therapies. The 1# container will last: Dogs up to 20 pounds approximately 7 month supply; Dogs 21 - 40 pounds approximately 3 1/2 month supply; Dogs 41 - 70 pounds  approximately 3 month supply; Dogs over 70 pounds approximately 1 1/2 month supply


Apoptosis is the normal biological process programmed into your dog's DNA that safely and naturally removes old and damaged cells from the body. This process is critical to maintain good health and vitality. This is important in understanding disease, because diseased cells have, in a simplistic sense, developed a way to avoid Apoptosis. Apoptosis levels are influenced by many factors. When these levels become diminished, the body needs a boost! Certain plants contain naturally occurring substances called Apoptogens that are able to support Apoptosis.

Turmeric Extract - Curcumin 95%

Believed to be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions in dogs. Curcumin, a component of turmeric, contains the most beneficial components of this spice. Curcumin also helps the body to destroy mutated cells by offering support for normal Apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Powerful Antioxidant - Chronic, low-grade inflammation greatly increases the risk of developing disease. What's the link between inflammation & oxidation? In a nutshell -- the body produces free radicals — Free Radicals cause Oxidation -- Oxidation causes Inflammation -- Inflammation causes damage/disease.

By neutralizing Free Radicals, antioxidants may prevent Oxidation.

Medicinal Mushroom Complex---Shiitake/Maitake/Reishi

Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi mushrooms have grown wild since prehistoric times. Their therapeutic value has been prized in Asian countries, where they originated, for thousands of years. In the past few decades, these mushrooms have become more popular in the United States as a result of an expanding body of scientific research supporting their numerous health benefits. Shiitake mushrooms contain calcium, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. It is the second most widely cultivated mushroom.

Organic Non-GMO Fermented Soy Protein

The culturing process improves absorption. Converts key isoflavones, genistin and diadzin, into their active anti-disease forms genistein and diadzein. The benefit of culturing makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb the goodness of soy. When you culture, you’re basically using beneficial microbial cultures to pre-digest. Those cultures transform large, hard-to-digest molecules into small, easy-to-digest ones. Not only that, culturing soy also reduces its allergic qualities to near zero. The fermentation of organic whole soy improves the digestibility and bioavailability of soy proteins and isoflavones.

Ginger Root

The real winner with ginger is that it may decrease nausea. Decreased appetite caused by nausea is really common in dogs with cancer. Feeling sick to the stomach can be caused by chemo, surgery or radiation. Ginger may have an immune stimulating ability which is a plus since dogs with cancer usually are immune suppressed. Chemo, radiation and surgery also weaken immunity.


Helps to prevent the formation of free radicals, supports cardiovascular health, and supports a normal inflammatory response action to ease discomfort resulting from arthritis and joint problems. The scent is said to increase canine awareness and acuity.

Also Includes

Barley Malt, Piper Nigrum (black pepper for better absorption) and Sunflower Lecithin.