About Us

WE LOVE YOUR DOG LIKE OUR OWN! We own a doggie daycare & boarding spot in Northern Virginia and that experience opened our eyes to the importance that food and supplements play in the overall well being of our four-legged clients. Our mission began by working with holistic vets, positive only trainers and researching many, many products to provide you with only the best. Many natural dog food stores actually sell food that - isn't so natural or healthy for your pup. So we have done the research so you don't have to!

A THING ABOUT PRICE! We believe dog food should use human grade ingredients, be free of common allergy producers like corn starch, chick peas, legumes, sweet potatoes (and often chicken!) and include bone, organ meat and veggies. We are tired of seeing dogs "treated" with canned foods supposedly designed to heal your pup's stomach or given drugs as the first approach to allergies! Be an advocate for your pup and Shop Smart! Check out the supplements and foods that will give your pup a healthy foundation. Don't be fooled by those online stores that sell things "cheaply". We sell at the lowest prices possible and often below those online stores. Have questions or need information/suggestions regarding our products? Email or Call orders@wholedogz.com 703.751.3649

THE HEALTH FOOD DOG STORE! You eat healthy - so should your pup! Spend more time having fun with your doggie and less time at the Vet. Check out our blog to help your pup with all kinds of issues. While we are not a substitute for visiting health care professional, we can provide your dog with natural alternatives that will keep those nasty bugs away, boost your pup’s immune system, naturally improve their skin & coats, and promote their overall health. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog! Have fun browsing our site for trusted dog health products, food, supplements, toys, and cool items for yourself or other pup parents. Happy shopping!