Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dogs

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dogs

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dogs


Your pup deserves some Holiday fun so shop today!  At WholeDogz, we believe that every member of the family deserves to get in on the festive fun this holiday season - so venture off the beaten track or be certain to plan on a little extra time when you are picking up your pup to get those last-minute gifts for your pup and cute gifts for Human’s too!  We are making shopping easier for you - check out this list! 

Stuffed Toys. 

Some folks don’t like stuffed toys because their pup can tear them up.  Yes, some can, and we strive to find the toys that will last the longest which is why we test them on my son’s pit mixes.  But tearing toys apart is actually good for dogs - as long as they don’t eat the insides!  For example, some dogs enjoy playing with stuffed toys to release pent-up energy, while others use them as a tool to deal with anxiety or stress. We have a wide variety of stuffed toys available on our site, including some of our favorites, the adorable Tough Moose which has triple guard protection, or the adorable  Triple Axel T-Rex Doggie Toy, and what dog doesn’t run away with your slippers or sock?  Well, these Adorable Santa Slippers are sure to please!  


As humans, the more we put our brains to the test, the more intelligent we become. Believe it or not, this is also the case when it comes to your dog. As a result, puzzles are an excellent gift for your dog as they allow them to improve their mental capacity. In addition to encouraging them to solve problems creatively, they’re also a great way to keep them entertained. For example, our Wobble Puzzle, our Where's the Elk Soft Puzzle, or similar puzzles are great gifts.  My dogs love to toss the little hidden animals from the soft toy puzzles in the air, and have lots of fun pushing the wobble puzzle around the floor - filled with healthy treats of course!

Healthy festive treats. 

By now, you’re probably well-aware of the fact that your dog is what it eats and that organic or nutritious treats are a great way to keep them both happy and healthy. Therefore, how better to celebrate the holidays than with some delicious (yet healthy) festive-themed snacks, such as our Holiday Clam treats or Celebration treats? Alternatively, you could make your own holiday snacks for your pets using silicon molds and vegetables. This is a great way to help your pup celebrate without having to share your Christmas Day leftovers! 

Dog Collars & Jackets. 

If everyone in your house is dressing up to celebrate the holidays - why not get your pup involved too? For example, if you’re getting ready to take a family portrait with everyone in their Christmas Jumpers, you can dress your pup our Worthy Dog Aspen Puffer Jacket so that they match everyone else in the picture. Alternatively, if you’re heading out on a festive walk (so you have a good excuse to eat more mince pies), you could also purchase them one of our adorable, festive dog collars.  

So, what are you getting your dog this Christmas? If you think we’ve left any brilliant gifts off the list, be sure to comment on them below!