5 Tips for Keeping Your Pup Safe This Halloween

5 Tips for Keeping Your Pup Safe This Halloween

While leaving Summer behind is always sad, there’s plenty to look forward to during the fall. From the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet to Thanksgiving Celebrations and of-course Halloween itself. 

Studies suggest that we’ve been celebrating “All Hallows Eve” for close to 2,000 years - which means that we’re now pros at planning the perfect spooky season party or get-together. 

However, this season is not always as fun for our four-legged friends and can actually be a little overwhelming for them. For example, they may be alarmed by the number of strangers suddenly knocking on your door, the sound of fireworks, or even something as simple as decorations changing the way their home (or safe space) looks and feels.

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to keep your dog safe this Halloween. 

Keep them away from the candy. 

While they may be a lot cuter than your average trick-or-treater or may look the part in their costume, your dog should not be given any Halloween candy. This is because their digestive system works differently from ours, and the ingredients contained within candy can lead to a range of health complaints. Instead, show your appreciation for their spooktacular outfits with our Howl-Oween treats. (Don't forget to use code BOO10 for an exclusive spooky season discount).

You should ensure that your candy stash is kept out of your pup's reach. If you’ve also carved a jack-o-lantern, it's best to keep this far away too. Many owners give dogs pumpkin and that Jack O Lantern night seem to be an enticing treat - and of course, an inquisitive pup could knock it which, if lit with a candle could lead to a significant fire or safety risk. 

Help them manage those trick-or-treaters

By nature, dogs are territorial - which means unexpected visitors can cause them to become stressed out or anxious. This often means that the constant knocking at your door during Halloween could lead to them barking loudly or acting out of character. There are proactive steps you can take to reduce their anxiety.

You can opt for the COVID candy bowl option - by leaving it on the porch which might not be very practical, or by standing outside in front of the house with a table and candy - away from pups and ensuring that the doorbell doesn’t ring all night.  

Reduce Stress

Another option is to give your dog CBD  or other stress-reducing supplements to calm them down from the inside out and allow them to remain stress-free.  Stress isn’t good for humans or their dogs and anything that can naturally take the edge off is something we highly recommend..  

Add decorations to your home gradually. 

Speaking of anxiety, Halloween decorations themselves can sometimes lead to heightened stress or anxiety in dogs. While you may have set up the perfect haunted house in time for your halloween party, it's crucial that your pup feels safe and comfortable in their own home. As a result, you should introduce decorations into the space gradually, over a period of a few days, as opposed to putting them all up at once. This way your dog will find it a little easier to adapt, and will also have time to familiarize themselves with your new interior design choices. 

Involve them in the fun. 

Dogs are often happiest when they get to spend time with their number one human - which means you can make this time more enjoyable for them by bringing them along where possible. For example, they could come trick or treating with you and your children - perhaps in a fun costume of their own. 

However, if they aren’t usually comfortable wearing clothing, you could help them celebrate with a new toy, game, or stash of treats.

If you feel as though your pup will be overwhelmed by the festivities, but have plans to celebrate yourself - consider sending them to a daycare or boarding facility on the big night. This way, they will be able to properly relax while you have fun - though pre-booking is often essential, especially as you want to make sure you find the right space for your dog. 

Happy Halloween!